Sister Rahab Meets Freedom…

Tuesday, May 13, 2008.
A3, Angola Hall.
8:35 pm

Demola is the Follow-Up Secretary of The Ambassadors Christian Students’ Fellowship of Nigeria (TACSFON). He stays in A3, Angola Hall. He was just coming from a meeting. He had a very stressful day. He was hoping to get back to his room and have a sound sleep. He needed that so badly.

As he approached the room, he heard a loud music playing…it was one “Tu Face” song – African queen. (You know the song – don’t you? Are you still born again? Kidding.) So Demola approached the room hoping to know what the loud music was all about. He later discovered that the room was locked and the lights were off…but the music was on…still very loud.

He banged on the door. Bang! Bang! Bang! No response. Bang! Bang! Bang! again…yet no response. Demola went to the back door and banged louder than before. Then the window blind was partially dragged open. Right behind the louver blades was this roommate of Demola – Tunde by name. Tunde asked with a who-is-interrupting-me look on his face “Who’s that?” and Demola replied with a frown “It’s me. Demola. Could you please open this door!?” “Alright. Give us 3 minutes…you can go back to the front door” “3 minutes? Us? You and who?” Tunde released the window blind to veil the room again. Demola continued, now speaking with a lot more fury in his voice “Tunde, I hope this is not what I’m thinking?…believe you me, if that be the case, we will throw you out of this room finally…after all, you were never a legitimate occupant.”

Demola went to the front door, fuming with rage. In a couple of minutes, the music was off, the door was opened and a shameless girl came out of the front door, followed closely by Tunde. Demola was so enraged but what could he do? Slap the girl? That won’t be Jesusly – will it? Strangulate Tunde? That’s murder! Demola just went in and lay on his bed, wishing that all he saw was just a dream. But it sure wasn’t. To add salt to injury, it was Demola’s music player that the two culprits were using to cover up the soundtrack of their evil. So disheartening.

And the girl…can you take a guess who it was? You guessed right. It was Sister Rahab. The same Sister Rahab that was weeping bitterly and trusting God for a new start a couple of months ago. But is this really her fault? She was addicted. She was already a sex addict. After all, there wasn’t a delete button to press at salvation to delete the stuffs that were formerly in the mind before salvation. But I wish she could get someone to bring her to the knowledge of the truth. The truth that sets free.

Wednesday, May 14, 2009
A 306, Moremi Hall.

Rahab’s room. Demola went there to see Taiwo who happened to be his subgroup member in fellowship. He did not even know that he was in Rahab’s room. He could not even recognize her.

On getting to the room, he knocked and asked from behind the door “can a guy come in”. A feminine voice (Rahab’s) asked from inside “Who’s that?” Demola replied saying “I’m asking after Taiwo.” Then there was a brief silence after which Taiwo came out and ushered him in. the room was like any typical Moremi hall room. That was Demola’s first time in the room. He looked around for quite a while and said “You have a lovely room here” “Oh thanks” Taiwo replied.

Then Demola’s eyes spotted two books on Taiwo’s bed. “Were you reading?” “Yes…No. I was actually writing an article on addictions” “Addictions?” “Yeah…I’m even thinking it’s high time we took a Bible study on that” “So what types of addiction have you been considering?” “Oga…wait, wait, wait…you’ve not even told me what you will like to take” “forget that one…I’m here on a mission…and I think I’m getting there already…you see, last night, something happened in my room, a squatter brought in a girl and had sex with her right inside the room, but afterwards, we got talking and I discovered that the lady was one of the many thousand Christians that are saved but are yet struggling with one addiction or the other”…

They both continued with the discussion while Rahab still hid herself in her corner, listening. In a little while, she was weeping profusely…she came out from her corner and sat beside Taiwo weeping so uncontrollably. Taiwo and Demola tried to pacify her to know why she was crying but all to no avail. The only statement she kept on saying with her tearful voice was “I’m dying…I need help”. So Demola brought out his handkerchief and wiped her tears. Then he spoke to her softly “Can we have a stroll together…I think I have a word for you.” Did she have a choice? She consented and they both left the room, leaving only Taiwo in the room.

They strolled to Mainbowl and sat down to have a talk. That was where Rahab got it. For the next 2 hours, Demola took her on a practical Bible exposition on addictions, renewing the mind, what salvation entails, and what have you, sharing from his own past as a masturbation addict. This was the first time in Rahab’s life when she felt the peace that comes with the truth.

That marked the beginning of the turn around in Rahab’s life. She now goes about singing with great anointing and with a message of how God freed her from the shackles of her past. Everywhere she gets to, she never stops sharing the testimony of how God changed her life.

That was the beginning of the transformed Rahab that we saw at the beginning of this book at the carol service of Grace Students’ Fellowship….

to be continued…
culled from “The OAU 7 and The Great Revival” (c) 2010 Ola Joseph Kolawole

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