Many aim at nothing; Jesus aimed at one—

The sum of His life is but a line:

“The Son of man came to seek and to save the lost”[i].

From “My time has not yet come”[ii] to “It is finished”[iii],

Nothing led Him other than His High Call.

How purposeful, the heart of my Prince!

Before He fed thousands, He was grateful—

Grateful for the problem the disciples fretfully avoided.

Before He stilled the storm, He was sleeping—

Sleeping through the storm the disciples dreaded.

He lifted His hand to heal after Peter drew his sword to scrap.

How peaceful, the heart of my Priest!

He didn’t brood or badger when He was deserted,

He didn’t blow a fuse when He was denied,

He didn’t bewray when He was deceived,

He didn’t blemish their faces when the soldiers defaced His with spittle.

He blessed and forgave; never seeking retribution.

Far from it. He was at peace.

How pleasant were His thoughts!

So pleasant, kids couldn’t refuse Him.

So good-humoured, He could find beauty in lilies;

He saw promises in problems and hope in helplessness.

He knew better the stench of the dung of our faults,

Yet, saw enough beauty in us to die for our flaws.

His heart reflected an unmatched height of spirituality.

His thoughts reflected an unrivaled depth of otherworldliness.

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me”[iv] began His first message.

Perpetually “led by the Spirit”[v] and “full of the Holy Spirit”[vi].

He returned from the desert “in the power of the Spirit”[vii].

How spiritual, the heart of my Saviour!

He took His instructions from God, led by a hand unseen.

Willing worship was His wont[viii].

Studying scripture was His sideline[ix].

He’s “often slip(ping) away to be alone to pray”[x].

That He may “(do) whatever the Father does”[xi].

How heavenly, the heart of my Healer!

Celebrated by thousands, yet content with chasteness.

Loved by women[xii], yet never accused of  lust;

Contemned by His own creation, but willing to forgive in advance.

Peter identified him as a “lamb, unblemished and spotless”[xiii].

John resolved that “in him is no sin”[xiv].

The heart of Jesus was pure.

Purposeful Prince and a Peaceful Priest;

Spiritual Saviour and a Heavenly Healer;

His thoughts were pleasant.

His heart was pure.

His heart was spiritual;

Yea, The Pattern Heart!

His is a purposeful heart; ours is often perturbed.

His is pure; ours is a great deal perversive.

His heart is peaceful; ours is easily provoked.

He is pleasant; we are peevish.

He is spiritual; we are sublunar.


If our bodies misfunction, we seek help.

Shouldn’t we do the same with our hearts?

Shouldn’t we seek aid for our sour attitudes?

Can’t we request treatment for our selfish philippics?

Of course we can. Jesus can change our hearts.

He wants us to have a heart like His.

God loves you just the way you are,

And cherishes you just the way you look…

But He refuses to leave you that way.

He wants you to be …


Can you imagine a better offer?

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