Name: Sister Rahab
Department/Level: Economics. 400 Level
Fellowship: Grace-Amazing Student fellowship (GSF)

3 years ago…
Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Sunday in the family of Sister Rahab. She was in her room packing the few things she had to pack. Everything she needed to start off University was in just one traveling bag. Dad and mum were so poor…so poor that they never even thought any of their children could make it to the university. But now, Rahab is!

Rahab came out of her room looking a bit long-faced. She is the eldest of five children. Her Dad is a retired police officer and her mum roasted corn at the city gate. The family practically lived from hand to mouth. Things were not going on fine with them and this was practically not the best time for any of the kids to gain admission.

Rahab’s mum called her into the second room and talked to her like a mother will talk to a daughter. “Now that you are leaving for the university, don’t forget who you are and where you come from. Never forget that you’ve got a family that even finds it difficult to eat three square meals per day. When you get there, don’t indulge yourself in anything that will bring us into more debts than we already have. Please. Your Dad and I had gone around the streets to source for some money for you to go with.” She looked under her pillow and brought out the N500 note that she borrowed from the Alhaja that sells clothes beside her stand at the city gate. “Take.” Rahab collected the money and put it in her purse. “Keep it very well o, you know I can’t produce any other.” “Thanks ma” Rahab replied. Her Mum then unzipped her waist purse and brought out some dirty N20 notes. They were about six in number. She put them on the bed and picked them one after the other to straighten them, and then she handed them over to Rahab. “Take this for your transport.” “Thanks ma. I really appreciate everything you have done for me this last one week. May Allah reward you bountifully.”

She left the room with tears in her face. She wished she could show her Mum how much she really appreciated her going out of her way to meet her needs. She knew that her parents had really done the best they could. She called Quadri, the second to the last born and told him to help her with her bag to the city gate where she will board a bus to Ile-Ife. It’s just some 20 minutes drive from their town. The other siblings were sleeping since there was no food in the house to eat.

While Rahab stepped out of the house, lots of thoughts were flashing through her mind. How do I survive over there with just N500 which may not even be enough for registration? What does the world over there hold for me? How do I come back to this house soonest to start giving my parents the money they need? What sort of friends will I meet over there? None of her friends even dared writing the University Matriculation Examination. Within the few weeks she spent at home after her secondary school education, she can’t count the number of her friends that had been impregnated. Circumstances had gotten many of them bethroted by force. So Rahab wasn’t expecting to get to Ile-Ife and see people that she knew. She had never traveled out of their town all her life.

When they arrived at the garage at the city gate, Rahab gave Quadri N20 to buy some roasted yam so that those at home could eat something at least for the afternoon. She boarded the bus. She was the only young lad in the bus. Others were old men and women – traders going to trade at the Odo-Ogbe market in Ife.

In 30 minutes time, she was at the campus gate. After making some enquiries, she boarded another bus going inside the campus. She was indeed fascinated by the beautiful entrance into the university. Suddenly, her fears subsided. Anxiety took over. She was eager to get inside and see what the whole campus was like. She had heard from her teachers in secondary school that the university had been tagged Africa’s most beautiful campus. How true that was, she was going to find out.

As soon as the bus entered the gate, all she could see was a very long road, it was called road 1. The double-lane road was flanked on both sides by grassland and vegetation. Once in a while, she saw buildings at irregular intervals on either side of the road. Then towards the end of the long road, the beautiful site of the Senate Building came to view. She saw the beautiful Sports Complex and the Students’ union building. She saw lots of people – each one not minding what the other was doing. She even wondered if the school had resumed before then. The campus was very busy. As she alighted at the bus stop and crossed to the other side of the road, some guys ran after her hoping she wanted to buy a phone credit recharge card. She was at first embarrassed, but later politely said to them “No, thanks”. She hurriedly walked down the lane not knowing where exactly she was going. From the internet slip printout with her, she knew she was to be accommodated in Mozambique hall but she didn’t know where that was…

Friday, November 17, 2006
In Room S2, Mozambique Hall.

Rahab and her bunk-mate had been on a discussion for about a couple of hours. They are getting to know and love each other and they are becoming best of friends. Becky is a very beautiful girl. She won the “Miss Pre-Degree” beauty pageant while still in the pre-degree programme of the university. Her parents are well-to-do. Her Dad is a lecturer at the University of Lagos while her Mum is the Managing Director of a conglomerate in Lagos. Becky is their only child.

Becky loves partying. She had been busy convincing Rahab to go for the Freshers’ Party holding at a hotel not far from campus. It was organized by some ex-predites (undergraduates who had passed through the pre-degree programme).

“Becky, what you are cooking is burning!” Rahab screamed from outside the room. “I’m right there, Rahab…I just noticed that too.” A room mate, Toyin, joined in the discussion “did you say what you are cooking is burning or what you are burning is cooking?” Rahab looking puzzled asked “which is correct? What’s wrong with what I said?” Toyin replied with a loud grin “how far now? I’m only joking. You were right. I heard the other statement in a friend’s place yesterday. I learnt that’s the way Awo Hall guys say it.” Rahab responded with a shrug. She mumbled those words to herself again “what you are burning is cooking…what nonsense.” Just then, Becky came in with her pot “leave the way, the pot is hot.” “You should have left it out there to cool off a bit…are you that hungry?” “Don’t even ask me that…I’m famished…it’s as if I’d not eaten anything today” “and have you?” Rahab asked. “All you eat is junks…indomie, spaghetti, biscuits…all those stuffs are not food…they will only keep making you go more hungry” she submitted. “But you know I can’t help it…can I?…those are the only things I can cook for now…and rice…that was how I lived throughout my pre-degree days!” “Those days are over now, dear, just give me one month, and you will be the best cook in the world!…I’ll teach you how to cook…as in…good food, not all these junks you are calling food”. Becky dropped the pot in her cupboard and brought out two plates. “Let’s wait and see…by Monday, we should have finished settling down, then we can start the cooking tutorials…ehm…by the way, we are almost forgetting something here” “What’s that?” Rahab asked. “The party…aren’t we going again?” Becky questioned. “But I thought we have talked this over…I can’t come…you don’t seem to understand…what clothes will I wear?…what jewelries will I use?…the transport fare?…there are a whole lot of reasons why I can’t go…try and understand” Rahab responded. Becky said in response “and I’m telling you that all that will be catered for…I’ll give you the clothes and accessories you will use…a guy is coming to pick us up in his car…and come to think of it…you might end up getting the connection that will bring money to your pocket continuously till you graduate.” She continued “I won’t be happy if you won’t follow me…you know you are my only girl friend so far…please…I beg you…please” Becky went mute.

That was it! That was the beginning of Rahab’s walk into prostitution. At that party, she was introduced to a “Bachelors’ Club”. The leader of the club had her that night. At subsequent parties and meetings, Rahab shifted turns on the beds of the bachelors. They brought out the prostitute in her. In no time, Rahab became a pro in these things.


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