Some people once termed it the “devil’s box”—I don’t know why, but I think that’s not perfectly true! If you ask me, the TV had done more good than harm!

For instance, I never would have known that Slovakia will be having their first appearance in the world cup this year if I had not seen the popular TV programme “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” last Sunday!

As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t have been able to know the gait of President Obama, let alone mimicking it to win an ipod sometimes last month—thanks to the TV!

There was a time in my life after I had read so much about Pastor Oral Roberts that I was really hoping to see what exactly the man looks like in his old age and perhaps hear him speak. And guess what, 24 hours after I prayed to God about that desire, I saw the man! Benny Hinn featured him in an exclusive interview session where they talked extensively about angels. Wao! I was the happiest person on the surface of the earth! I saw the man in his gray-coloured blazers. He wore a golden wrist watch, a blue tie, a white shirt, black trousers, and a sparkling diamond ring! I heard his soft voice—the voice of an 89-year-old! I saw the beautiful hair on his head—full grey! I think I saw him smile a couple of times in the course of the programme…and I also saw him (and heard him) pray—for the viewers—including me! I felt on top of the world!

So, if you ask me, the TV had done more good than harm! Maybe to me as a person—I can bet that porn addicts won’t have the same testimony.

But the secret of the ability of the TV to do that much good or that much damage to anybody is in its 3D-Power! The TV is one of those gadgets that can give you a 3D feel about what you are viewing. Unlike pictures on newspapers, you can feel how high, how wide and how long an object is. More than “still images”, you see “mobile images”! More than “mute pictures”, you see sights and sounds! Such that whatever thing you want to view on the TV, it has this 3D-Power that gives it a feel that transmits deep messages from what you are seeing to the deep parts of your person—your SOUL!

After meditating so much about this 3d-Power, I discovered that it is one of the most-powerful influences in life. As a matter of fact, I discovered that even life itself is 3-dimensional! Every human being is a SPIRIT that has a SOUL and lives in a BODY—3 Dimensions! Even the very soul of every man is made up of the MIND, the WILL, and the EMOTIONS! Another 3D! So one of the things that really make Life this beautiful is…the 3D Power!

Then I began to search through the scriptures and I began to see lots and lots of 3D representations! Starting from the triune nature of God—FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT. 3D!…to be continued

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