20:14 (Part 1)

Ed note: As 2013 was coming to a close, the Spirit of the Lord ministered to me to do a quick scan through the books of the Bible with a 20th chapter that has a 14th verse as an overview of the messages He has for my social media friends. I believe that God has got a word for each of you that gets to read this!

I need to add that I used varied translations as the Spirit led me to… And more often than none, the scriptures are not quoted in its entirety. In some instances, I added a brief exposition to the 20:14 scripture. (Interestingly, there are 20 such verses in the scriptures).

Shall we?

Genesis 20:14 KJV “And Abimelech took sheep, and oxen, and menservants, and women servants, and gave them unto Abraham, and RESTORED him Sarah his wife.”


Message: 2014 is a year of ROYAL RESTORATION.

What have you lost? A relationship? A certification? An opportunity? I believe we can all use some restoration!


Some of us have lost much more. . . The ability to say a thing and see it established. The aura that carries authority. The swagger of divinity. It is called ROYALTY! And it shall be restored in 2014. Watch out!!!


Exodus 20:14 CEV “Be faithful in marriage.”


Message: That’s clear enough. Tell that young man that held the hands of his female colleague at work yesterday longer than usual to beware. The fact that you’ve been having recurrent disagreements with your wife shouldn’t push you down the gentle slope of unfaithfulness in marriage. The pains of the eventual end is simply unbearable!


And please, tell that new bride that it is unhealthy to have your ex coming around you frequently on friendship terms now that you are married. I’ve learnt that, given the right “atmosphere”, smoldering wicks can blaze fulgently again! Be faithful in your marriage (and in your betrothal to the unmarried betrothed singles).


Lev 20:14 MSG “. . . purging the wickedness from the community.”


Message: Sounds like a motto for each of us this coming year. In your own capacity, do your best to purge the wickedness from your community—be it a school, a firm, a fellowship, a club, a political party, a chamber, etc. Keep reminding yourself that corruption is not an option for you. (Did I hear an amen?)


Numbers 20:14 KJV “And Moses sent messengers from Kadesh unto the king of Edom. . .”


Message: Look no farther than the meaning of the words “Kadesh” and “Edom”.

Kadesh (according to Strong’s concordance) is the same as the Hebrew word that means “sanctuary”; Edom, on the other hand, means “red”.

God says that His sanctuary (His church) will produce more messengers that will carry the message of the Kingdom of God to the “Red Zone” of Politics and Governance as we have it in Nigeria. If you sense a nudge in your spirit to go—in whatever capacity—don’t despise the prompting. Nigeria decides again, soon, but the question lingers: “what—WHO—are the options?” The answer is found in the creeks of Psalm 50, the second verse: “Out of Zion, the perfection of Beauty, God will shine again!”


Deuteronomy 20:14 BBE “. . .the wealth of your haters, which the Lord your God has given you, will be your food.”


Message: (I will pause on this note). . .

Are you set for this? 2014 will be a year of WEALTH TRANSFER! If you’ve never claimed such promises as “you will lend to nations” literally, get set for a new discovery as 2014 will launch you into “SUDDEN WEALTH”—such as the world is yet to know! The wealth of your haters will become your bread!


Are you excited for 2014 already?


Keep an eye on this page. . .


I will continue in the New Year. 15 more messages to go!


Happy New Year!

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