20:14 (Part 3)

20:14 (Part 3)

Ed note: 

So sorry I paused for a long while in the series. (God rewarded the delay with greater insights!)
When 2013 was coming to a close, the Spirit of the Lord ministered to me to do a quick scan through the books of the Bible with a 20th chapter that has a 14th verse as an overview of the messages He has for my social media friends. I believe that God has got a word for each of you that gets to read this! I need to add that I used varied translations as the Spirit led me to… And more often than none, the scriptures are not quoted in its entirety. In some instances, I added a brief exposition to the 20:14 scripture. (Interestingly, there are 20 such verses in the scriptures).  
By the way, This is the THIRD PART in the series. And if you got tagged in this, chances are you will find your name (or group) somewhere in the note!
Shall we?


2 Chronicles 20:14 KJV Then upon Jahaziel. . .Zechariah. . .Benaiah. . .Jeiel. . .Mattaniah, a Levite of the sons of Asaph, came the Spirit of the LORD in the midst of the congregation



I baby-leap on this verse. It symbolizes the EMBRYOLOGY and GENETICS from where we trace our SOURCE. To discover who you are (meant to be) in 2014, just take a second look at those names. (*I learnt a couple of years ago that God hides the GOSPEL in names!)


From the Brown-Driver-Briggs’ Hebrew Definitions, here is what I got:

  • Jahaziel = “beheld of God”
  • Zechariah = “Jehovah remembers”
  • Benaiah = “Jehovah has built” or “Yahweh has built up”
  • Jehiel = “God sweeps away”
  • Mattaniah = “gift of Jehovah”
  • Levite = see Levi “joined to”
  • Asaph = “gatherer”


Where does that leave us? With our shoulders high and with the swaggeracious gait of divinity!


  1. In 2014, I AM BEHELD OF GOD. I am seen by Him. God sees me. He sees my weakness and my strength. He sees my needs and my gifts. He sees my cry and my laughters. He sees me! I am tattooed to His forearm. Engraved on His palms. Buried in His eye socket. Halleluyah, He sees me!
  2. In 2014, GOD REMEMBERS ME. (Wow! What a confirmation to the motto of the year for members of The Apostolic Church Nigeria—Nehemiah 13:31 “. . .remember me, O my God, for good”). I am not forgotten. As He remembered Noah and the animals in the ark, I am remembered. As He remembered Abraham to give unto him THE PROMISE, I am remembered. As He remembered Rachel to open up her womb, I am remembered. As he remembered Hannah to make a mother-of-seven out of a barren womb, I am remembered. As Mordecai was remembered to be honoured for his past good gesture, I AM REMEMBERED! (Scream it!!!)
  3. In 2014, GOD HAS BUILT MY LIFE. Out of the broken pieces of my past has He fashioned out an EDIFICE OF GRACE!!! God builds me this year. He builds my fiancée and my finances. He builds my projects and my projections. He builds my character and my charisma. He builds me!!! Halleluyah!
  4. In 2014, GOD SWEEPS AWAY MY SORROW. He sweeps away my tears. He sweeps away my fears. He sweeps away my doubts. He sweeps away my errors. He sweeps away my inabilities. He sweeps away my limitations. I am LIMITLESS! By my God—Jehovah El-Sweeper—every antagonism is swept away and 2014 is all of POSSIBILITIES becoming REALITIES! Halleluyah!
  5. In 2014, I AM A GIFT OF GOD! As Jesus says to the woman at the well “if thou knowest the GIFT OF GOD and Who it is that saith unto thee ‘give me a drink’, thou would have asked of Him living waters. . .” I say, also, to my generation: I AM THE GIFT OF GOD. . . This year, Nigeria unwraps me; International Apostolic Bible College, Denmark unwraps me; The Apostolic Church Nigeria unwraps me; facebook.com/josephkolawole unwraps me; josephkolawole.com unwraps me; @josephsjournal unwraps me. Greater is He that is in me than “it” that is in the world; I am a fountain of living water; I open my outlet. . .and out of my reservoir flows rivers of living waters!!! I-AM-A-GIFT-OF-GOD!!!
  6. In 2014, I AM JOINED TO THE LORD. I and my Father are ONE! (For he that is joined to the Lord is ONE SPIRIT with Him). I am in the same class with my God! I OVERFLOW with Divinity! I experience EXCEEDING GRACE in all ramifications. I am a LEVITE. A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD. A King and A Priest. I’m a priest—I represent my people to God. I’m a king—I represent God to my people! What a year! Halleluyah!
  7. In 2014, I’M A GATHERER! I gather and gather and gather! Unlike the madman of Gadara, I am not isolated in graves. I rave about the excellency of my God in the harvest fields! Gathering! Gathering!! Gathering!!! I gather the harvest. I gather the fragments! I’m a gatherer!!! Yes, a LEGION dwells in me—but not of demons, but of DUNAMIS! Ha Ha Ha!!! I’m a GATHERER!!! (but not from Gadara).


What a year!!!

Just in one verse! So much to say!!!


Aanu Yusuf welcome to EXCELLENCE.

Faloye Funmi, welcome to SPEEDY PROGRESS.

Oladapo Boluwatife, welcome to NEWNESS.

Dare Kolade, welcome to HONOUR.

David Oyetunde, welcome to LOVE.

Adeniran Adedoyin, welcome to JOY.

Ilanye Peterside, welcome to MATRIMONY.

Emem Okopedi, welcome to NEW WINE!

Rita Ayiworu, welcome to CLARITY.

Obadare Damilola, welcome to SUCCESS.

Molade Owoje, welcome to GRACE!

Pastor Peter and BukolaofthemosthighGod Adewole, welcome to LIMITLESS EXPANSION.

Prof and Prof (Mrs) Adesegun Fatusi, welcome to WISDOM.

Overseer and Deaconess Ola, welcome to HARVEST.





My facebook family, welcome to TRIUMPH.

My website and blog followers, welcome to NEW BREAD!

Flambo, Larulla, Ibk, Ashy Joe, Deacon Aina, Bro Bode, Bro OlorunMose, Deacon Owoeye, Panapana Sesi, Deacon Smith. . . and all my Destiny Friends at TAC Powerline Assembly, welcome to RADICAL UPGRADING.

Kola Ola, welcome to GREATNESS.

And you ___________________, welcome to ANSWERED PRAYERS!


Unpack your bags. This is 2014!

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