Question #1: Can a man be righteous and wicked?


The answer to the question depends on the usage of the words “righteous” and “wicked”

“RIGHTEOUS” and “WICKED” are words that have both spiritual and secular meanings.


Secularly speaking, a righteous person does good stuffs and a wicked person does evil stuffs. In that sense, it is possible to manifest those dual sides intermittently. You can do good one moment and act evil the next moment. But in that case, we can NOT ascribe the terms “righteous” or “wicked” to THE ACTOR as a PERMANENT POSITION; we can only QUALIFY their ACTIONS as being “righteous” or “wicked”.


Spiritually speaking, however, there are two types of RIGHTEOUSNESS:

1. Self-righteousness (i.e. doing good works by self effort…)

2. God's Righteousness (given to believers as a GIFT).


Every believer (born again, child of God) is RIGHTEOUS in the sense of that second context—POSITIONALLY. Because “He (Jesus) that knew no sin became sin so that (we believers) can become THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD in Christ Jesus” (2 Corinthians 5:21).


In that context, EVERY BELIEVER IS RIGHTEOUS, IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR ACTIONS. Being born again doesn't make you perfect overnight. Born again Christians still fall in error once in a while. Proverbs 24:16 NKJV says “For a RIGHTEOUS man MAY FALL seven times and rise again…”




But mind you, I didn't say (in that context) “a righteous man can be wicked”. NO. A righteous man can act wickedly, but that doesn't make him wicked…


That takes me to the spiritual meaning of the word “WICKED”.


“WICKED” is a spiritual term used to depict:



*those who are yet to receive the gift of God's GRACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS

*those who are yet to be DIVINELY ENABLED to live a life that honours God…


Such people, no matter how much GOOD WORKS they do (and yes, they can do good stuffs, too) God calls them WICKED!


So, summary:


Q: “can a man be RIGHTEOUS and also WICKED?”

A: NO!


Q: “can a man be RIGHTEOUS and act WICKED?”



Q: “can a man be WICKED and also RIGHTEOUS?”

A: NO!


Q: “can a man be WICKED and act RIGHTEOUS?”



But the Bible is clear:


“Say unto THE RIGHTEOUS, it shall be well with him. Say unto the WICKED, it shall be ILL with him”


Lo ba tan!




***Isaiah 3:10-11 NKJV:

“Say to the RIGHTEOUS that it shall be well with them, For they shall eat the fruit of their doings. Woe to the WICKED! It shall be ill with him,

For the reward of his hands shall be given him.”


***Proverbs 24:16 NKJV:

“For a RIGHTEOUS man MAY FALL seven times and rise again. But the WICKED shall fall by calamity”



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