Bradford. The first I heard of the city was 8 years ago while reading Roberts Liardon’s book—God’s Generals. I saw that Bradford was the base of the great Apostle of Faith—Smith Wigglesworth and his wife, Polly. The twain had such a great ministry in Bradford that the power of God was so evident and #FreshLife took over the atmosphere from their Bowland Street Mission.

Fast-forward to a century later, things have changed! Not only in Bradford, but in the whole of England, and inferentially, in the whole of the western world. The people had, in a sense, substituted the government for their God. Their heroes past had successfully established an orderly system—so orderly that people rarely see the need for God let alone to retain Him in their thinking. Thus, many are given over to a reprobate mind to do things that are “not convenient”. Behind the rampant alcoholism, drug addictions, pornography and all sort is a kleptomaniac—the devil!

But God will not leave a nation without a remnant—agents of RESTORATION—THE CHURCH! And by “the church”, I don’t refer to the entertainment-laden powerless small groups in beautiful buildings that meet every week to go out into the world and continue the business-as-usual lifestyle. The church that will “blow the trumpet in Zion” will not be at ease. Amos said “woe to them who are at ease in Zion”. The Church that will restore the spiritual sensitivity and sanity of the Western World is the church that is angry at what the devil is doing in these last days—stealing, killing and destroying—but will be opened to divine guidance for strategic positioning for the work of RESTORATION, REVIVAL, RE-ESTABLISHMENT and RENEWAL.

In Bradford, no doubt, Life Church and Life Church College is tops amongst such agents!

Knowing that I will be resuming in their college at this time of the year, I’d started following their video podcasts for some months. But there’s a dimension of reality in worship gatherings that the cameras could never capture! My first day in Church and College was a WOW! Royal Welcome. Heaven-on-Earth Worship. Timely Powerful Word. Unhideable Testimonies. I’m in for a ride of a lifetime! What more could you ask for?

Folks, God is doing a great work in kairos moment that we are in. A wind of #FreshLife is blowing, not only in Bradford but all around the world. Do well to CONNECT. There is an abundance of the expression of ABUNDANT LIFE in every vessel that will not mistake the provision for the Provider. A life that is not only ETERNAL in duration but also EXCEPTIONAL in quality. An exceedingly-abundantly-above kind of life.

Folks, “It’s not enough to be in God’s neighbourhood, God has a PERSONAL APPOINTMENT with YOU!” @SteveGambill

God is expecting you and me to balance out a spiritual understanding with practical expressions of the same and not get entangled with materialism. The miracle is NOT the mundane; it’s only HIDDEN in the mundane. The epic news in the blessing of “manna” is not in the provision but in the assurance of our “perpetual possession” of the Perpetual Provider of the provision. When He says “don’t take portions meant for tomorrow today except on the day before Sabbath”, what He’s saying is that “I’ll be here again tomorrow…and the next…and the next…and on Sabbath day, you will rest in the satisfaction of my presence.

Embrace His perpetual presence and give expression to it everywhere you go!

And be like my colleague, Sedia. I looked over to her towards the end of our first day in College and whispered (echoing the preacher’s words)…

“Let go of the past”
With a full and lovely smile, she looked back at me and whispered back… “I have!”

May that be your testimony IJN.


Keep an eye on this blog for more “shares” as I learn in God’s School of Life in this journey of a few months…

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