The Final Answer…

Herein is my delight:

As a follower of Christ, I have a huge asset. I have access to the final answer in the ultimate question of “life”. The Word has given me a snapshot preview of the final answer, so I’m working from the “known” to the “unknown”…

Here is the Final Answer: Everything is going to turn out all right!

I have a good, good Father Who still loves me (and always will);
I have a good, good Saviour Whose ransom still covers my debts (and always will);
and I have a good, good Promise in Romans 8:28…
My problems have always been His possibilities!

So, be reminded…
~The kidnapping of Joseph resulted in the preservation of his family.
~The persecution of Daniel led to a cabinet position, positions, actually.
~Christ entered the world by a surprise pregnancy and redeemed it through His unjust murder.

Dare you believe what the Bible teaches?

In 2nd Timothy 4:18 the apostle Paul wrote his final words from a Roman prison, chained to a guard, within earshot of his executioner’s footsteps.

Worst-case scenario?
Not from Paul’s perspective.

He wrote: “God is looking after me, keeping me safe in the kingdom of heaven. All praise to Him, praise forever!” (MSG)

Paul chose to trust his Father.
May we learn to do the same.

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