Ed note: Over the last few years, when a year draws to a close, I look into the scriptures and get a light into the new year. What I do is simple: I look up the verses that has a reference that will make up the 4 digits of the new year and listen to what God is saying to me from the verse… The interesting thing is that each year, it has been a worthwhile venture as these verses launch me into the new year with confidence, hope and the necessary caution. So for 2016, I have looked up ALL the Bible books that has a 20th chapter and a 16th verse and I will be sharing my findings below>>>


Genesis 20:16 “Abimelech said to Sarah, “I gave your brother Abraham twenty-five pounds of silver to make up for any wrong that people may think about you. I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE INNOCENT.”

Have you been lied at?
Have you been falsely accused?
Have you been labelled as the one that did what you knew nothing about?
God’s word says to tell you: “He wants everyone to know that you are innocent”…and He will do it.

a year to exalt HONESTY/LOVE

Exodus 20:16 “YOU MUST NOT TELL LIES about your neighbor.”

That’s simple and clear. If you love your me, you won’t tell lies about me, right?
Make that a 2016 virtue!

a year to beware of COLLATERAL DAMAGE

Leviticus 20:16 “If a woman approaches an animal and has sexual relations with it, YOU MUST KILL THE WOMAN AND THE ANIMAL. They must be put to death. They have brought it on themselves.”

“Collateral damage” is a general term for unintentional deaths, injuries, or other damage inflicted incidentally on an unintended target.
I thought the animal was innocent, but God says both the woman and the animal should be killed. It simply tells me these two things: “watch who you relate with” and “abstain from biblical abominations”. A word, they say, is enough for you—for I assume you are wise.


Numbers 20:16 “but when we cried out to the Lord, HE HEARD US and SENT US AN ANGEL TO BRING US OUT of Egypt…”

What’s your Egypt?

A bossy boss?
A character flaw?
A negative addiction?
An undesirable work place?
An unpleasant housing condition?

The Lord is set to take 99 steps out of 100 to bring about your miraculous exodus—but He leaves the 100th step to you: CHOOSE TO ACCEPT HIS OFFER. Will you?


Deuteronomy 20:16 “But LEAVE NOTHING ALIVE in the cities of the land the Lord your God is GIVING YOU.”

The simple phrase impressed on my heart for this verse is “absolute take-over”.
There is plenty of room God is giving you in the beautiful niche He’s bringing you named “2016”. Feel free to go in His might and take-over the territory He’s tagged your name on—and take it over absolutely!



Judges 20:16 “Seven hundred of these trained soldiers were LEFT-HANDED, each of whom COULD SLING A STONE AT A HAIR AND NOT MISS!”

That’s exceptional!
So look into your hand luggage as you board the JAN-01-2016 flight… That ruler-shaped medal in your left pocket—yeah! That’s Divine Accuracy at your disposal. Feel free to make the most use of it


1 Samuel 20:16 “So JONATHAN MADE AN AGREEMENT WITH DAVID. He said, “May the Lord hold David’s enemies responsible.”

Watchout as God brings destiny helpers your way. Don’t treat them like something else. May you be sensitive to the destiny-laden relationships 2016 has to offer to you IJN.

a year when WISDOM will SPEAK…

2 Samuel 20:16 “But a WISE woman shouted out from the city, “LISTEN! LISTEN! Tell Joab to come here. I want to talk to him!”

What have you been listening to?
Who have you been listening to?
Which frequency have you been receiving signals from?

Wisdom FM is on frequency 24.7. Do you self a favour: tune in—24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


1 Kings 20:16 “They MARCHED OUT AT NOON, while Ben-Hadad and the thirty-two rulers helping him were GETTING DRUNK IN THEIR TENTS.”

I love the humour in God’s Word—and in real life.
Some were marching out at mid-day taking the battle to the enemy’s gate; some others were getting drunk in their tents.
And by the way, in 2016, you get to choose which team you belong to!


2 Kings 20:16 “Then Isaiah said to Hezekiah, “LISTEN TO THE WORDS OF THE LORD”

Clear enough. Stop listening to the voices of your prevailing conditions (good or bad) and start listening to the only voice that matters: The Lord’s!


2 Chronicles 20:16 “Tomorrow go down there and fight those people. They will come up through the Pass of Ziz. You will find them at the end of the ravine that leads to the Desert of Jeruel.”

How more detailed can God be in giving out instructions as He was in the above verse? And how much do we long for details in our walk with Him as He directs our paths. Well, in 2016, if you will be open enough to receive it, He’s got a lot of SPECIFIC instructions for you.

He won’t just tell you “get married”; He probably will tell you “get married to Johnson on the second Saturday in the second month of the second quarter in the lake view behind St Anthony’s Cathedral…” (okay, that was me being cheeky ~smiles~)

a year when the wicked shall SELF DESTRUCT

Job 20:16 “They will suck the poison of snakes, and the snake’s fangs will kill them.”

Who are the “they/them”? Verse 3 of the same chapter tells us—“the wicked”.
Ain’t you glad? Whoever plans evil for you in 2016 shall fall into their own traps!
On the flip side—see to it that you are not the one planning evil for someone else.


Proverbs 20:16 “Take the coat of someone who promises to pay a stranger’s debts, and keep it until he pays what the stranger owes.”

I don’t know how what Solomon said in the quote above sounded to your ears. It seems to me that someone is taking accountability serious. It sounds like someone understands that there is a difference between benevolence and accounting. It sounds like someone understands financial intelligence. May that “someone” be you.


Jeremiah 20:16 “Let that man be like the towns the Lord destroyed without pity. Let him hear loud crying in the morning and battle cries at noon,”

That was Jeremiah reeling out his sixth complaint to God—literally cursing whoever it was that broke the news of his birth to his parents because he thinks he shouldn’t have been born.
I get it. Under some instense persecutions, words like that can fall out of our mouths. I get it—and God gets it much more.
I know not many will claim this bit in this series (as it were) but be reminded that “blessed are those that are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is thy reward…”
Have you been eyeing the post of Prime Minister of the UK in the New Earth? Then welcome some persecutions in 2016—with joy!


Ezekiel 20:16 “ I CANCELED MY PROMISE because they despised my laws for living obediently, wouldn’t follow my statutes,”

That was God chipping in why it took the Israelites much longer to get to the promised land He purposed for them—they were disobedient!
May the promises of God for your new year be speedily accomplished on the wheels of your obedience in the name of the Lord.


Matthew 20:16 “So those who have the last place now will have the first place in the future, and those who have the first place now will have the last place in the future.”

I like the first part. (I guess you do, too). Have you been tagged “last” in some pretty good stuffs. Then brace up! God is about to reshuffle the roles!


Luke 20:16 “He will come and kill those farmers and will give the vineyard TO OTHER FARMERS…”

For every incident of repossession, someone loses while the other gains; I pray you are the gainer, not the loser. God is willing to deliver to your possession the hidden wealth of the gentiles. You will reap where you’ve not planted and live in houses you didn’t build. That’s not me promoting insolence, that’s God advertising His grace!

a year to be TAUGHT OF THE LORD

John 20:16 “Jesus said to her, “Mary.” Mary turned toward Jesus and said in Hebrew, “Rabboni.” (This means Teacher.)”

Again, who has been your teacher? I know One who’s got no match—His name is Rabboni—the Greatest Teacher. You can subscribe for His 24/7 lecture sessions and podcasts here: #theBible


Acts 20:16 “Paul had already decided not to stop at Ephesus, because he did not want to stay too long in the country of Asia. He was hurrying to be in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost, if that were possible.”

How strategic have you been in your decisions? It’s time for some bold and strategic decisions, buddy. God’s got your back.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.
Happy New Year!

***In another news, my fiancee and I will be launching a website in the new year for anyone that is going through any issue whatsoever and are willing to draw some strength and comfort from the conversations and confesions of people like them (including our stories as well!). You can check it out by clicking here.

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