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I’m Joseph. I’m a writer, blogger, youth mentor and minister.
My wife and I are privileged to do life with some 2000+ young adults on Alive Mentorship Group—an online mentoring platform with a growing global outreach to thousands of young people (founded in 2015). My message is simple: God’s Word is transforming! Let it transform you.
Of all my many privileges, I especially hold dear to my heart the privilege of marrying Eleos—God’s finest daughter I’ve ever met—and being a dad to Joshua and Samuel, the cutest babies I’ve ever met!

My Books

Below are few of the books I’ve been privileged to write and a link to where you can get them:

Waiting Compass: Finding God When He Seems To Delay

In five ‘peaces’ of transformational thoughts, Joseph hands us a compass which points us in the direction where God may be found in times when it seems like He is missing in inaction or keeping our prayer line on hold.

Available in both PAPERBACK and Kindle formats

Buy Here

#Unaddicted: Finding Freedom From Sex-Related Addictions.

This book brings together in one volume Joseph’s liberating thoughts on how to overcome sexual addictions, sharing unreservedly from his journey through the same struggles.

Available in both PAPERBACK and Kindle formats

Buy Here

Bumpy But Sweet | A Love Story

In this book, Joseph and his wife unpack the lessons they learnt in finding a life partner and building a godly relationship. They answered lots of questions from young adults about love, dating, courtship, sex, and discerning the will of God besides many other elements that constitute a godly marriage. The book has been a very helpful resource to thousands of singles and young couples.

Available in Kindle format

Buy Here

Is This Opportunity From God?: 7 Checkpoints for Discerning Divine Opportunities

We will be faced with many opportunities in life, but how can we tell which of them is not a distraction from God’s best plan for us? In this book, reflecting on scripture and personal experience, Joseph lays out 7 checkpoints to help the reader discern if an opportunity is indeed from God or just another distraction from His best plan. 

Available in Paperback and Kindle formats

Buy Here

My Podcasts


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My Blog

…and the Baby grew: A Christmas Thought

For the first time in my life, I’m celebrating Christmas as a dad—the proud dad of a seven-month-old namesake of Jesus. (Click title to continue reading >>>)

What Is COVID-19 Pandemic Teaching You?

Having concluded the series on Pandemic Joy (which, as I write this, has been developed into a 170-paged book that will be out before the end of this month), I thought…

A New Kind of ‘Sexy’

It was Sunday evening. 21:35 GMT, maybe. OkikiOluwa was in my arms trying to struggle with me over who should be using the laptop while OdodoOluwa was behind us, sitting on…

Alive Mentorship Group










I joined AMG looking for spiritual growth. I’ve found it ever-so-exceedingly! Thanks to Joseph and Eleos for the great work!

Racheal, USA

I joined AMG longing to get some mentoring from a young couple who not long ago were like me. The daily posts on the group do a lot to guide me through life and the fact that we have direct access to Joseph and Eleos is awesome! Besides, the books we read help me meet my reading goals.

Adepeju, Nigeria

I once said to Joseph, “When I grow up, I want to be like you!” That’s how much of a blessing himself and his wife had been to all of us on AMG.

Ritah, Uganda

When I joined AMG, I was hoping to get more understanding about issues that bothers around faith, relationship and life. And far beyond my expectations, the daily posts and contributions on issues raised is giving clarity to some of the things I have always wanted to know.

Paul, Nigeria

Joseph is always sincere with his posts and gives real instances that makes me truly feel like I’m not alone. He addresses different situations from the Biblical yet practical point of view. I’ve learnt so much from him!

Ifeoluwa, Nigeria

I look forward to each day’s post because most times, it feels like Joseph knows exactly what’s going on with me. It’s like God speaks to me daily through the group and my life has been blossoming ever since I joined the group.

Bolanle, India

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