Volume 1, Issue 1

April 2015

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This maiden issue contains five essays. The first essay, written by Israel Olofinjana, celebrates the legacy of Bishop Ajayi Crowther, who was the first African Bishop in the Church of England. The second essay is written by Philip Lutterodt. It discusses the subject of leadership in African Christology. It seeks to answer the question: “What does the images of Christ in Africa mean for leadership?” The third essay comes from Nigel Rooms, and it seeks to help African and other foreign missionaries to begin to understand British culture, and thus, be able to love the British for the sake of mission. Babatunde Adedibu gives us the fourth essay in which he writes on “reverse mission”—African missionary work in Britain. He argues for a major paradigm shift in the understanding and practice of mission in African immigrant churches in Britain since most of what they call missional, in his understanding, leaves a lot to be desired. The final essay is written by Harvey Kwiyani and it discusses how the theology of missio Dei can be appropriated in Africa through the Malawian philosophy of umunthu.

Dr. Harvey Kwiyani
Executive Editor, MAJAM

Leadership Traits and Practices

Philip Lutterodt

Missio Dei: An African Appropriation

Harvey C. Kwiyani

Loving the British for the Sake of the Mission

Nigel Rooms

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Bishop Ajayi Crowther

Israel Olofinjana

Mission from Africa: A Call to Re-imagine Mission In African-led Pentecostal Churches in Britain

Babatunde Adedibu

Volume 1, Issue 1

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